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Research Driven

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Common Challenges

Addressing many of the problems common to private or public employment programs including— but not limited to, insufficient funding, shrinking staff, poorly trained staff, excessive caseloads, lack of sufficient supportive resources, poor communication/collaboration among resource providers, and general lack of awareness or training of job readiness issues, JobLingo products offer standardized, affordable solutions.

And as many job placement professionals would agree, diplomas, degrees and vocational certifications are only part of the equation necessary to win a job. People hire people. People hire in their own image. People hire people they like and feel they can trust to get the job done. The question then becomes, do vocational/educational programs teach the skills necessary to gain and maintain employment?

Comprehensive Approach

While not a panacea for the multitude of complex issues impacting service providers, JobLingo offers a secure, online platform for comprehensive, self-directed or facilitated job readiness assessment and training. Delivered anytime, anywhere, JobLingo helps your program succeed for the following reasons:

  • The Job Readiness Assessment (JRA) benchmarks 138 job readiness factors in 7 target areas
  • Interests, abilities and readiness outcomes facilitate discussion and planning for gaining and maintaining employment
  • Assessment process qualifies and quantifies job readiness barriers as well as documents ancillary services, follow up and client progress
  • Each evaluation generates a comprehensive report to provide client-specific feedback in a sequential, standardized format
  • Assessment and training platform is adaptable to numerous career advisory settings and target populations in a one-on-one or group format
  • Provides private and public entities the necessary outcome measurements needed to justify spending and staffing
  • JRA process protocol empowers staff and improves the quality of career related service delivery through continuous development of expertise and professionalism
  • JRA outcomes provide fact and feedback that is accurate, appropriate and constructive


Positive Direction

JobLingo supports job facilitators with the knowledge to inform, enlighten, inspire and empower others with truth and experience. Whatever the label used to describe your role, job coaching with empathy and expertise is the JobLingo approach to helping others reach their employment goals.