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How It Works

How it Works Diagram

Comprehensive Online Assessment and Training

Far and above any other “job test” on the market, the Job Readiness AssessmentTM (JRA) offered by JobLingo provides the critical edge job seekers must have and use to their advantage. The under-an-hour testing process qualifies your understanding of employer expectations, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies. Directly addressing 138 Job Impact FactorsTM in 7 target areas, test takers immediately receive a 23-page comprehensive, performance-oriented Job Readiness Report maximizing self-directed next steps.

The JRA process effectively and efficiently identifies and qualifies job barriers and weaker performance areas while reinforcing areas of personal strength necessary for workplace success regardless of age, education or experience. Corresponding Job Readiness Training Modules help to build confidence, improve interviewing performance and enhance job competitiveness, ultimately providing every person, every job search advantage.

Simple & Secure Process

Showcasing value in ease-of-use for both users and administrators, JobLingo offers an 'always on' assessment and training process for job readiness. Complete with integrated statistical interface for clearly stated outcome reports and test tracking, JobLingo upholds the company’s signature style of effectiveness and efficiency by offering two account options to address the need for single or multiple assessments: