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Job Readiness Assessment

JRA Tool Banner

The Job Readiness Assessment© (JRA) is a comprehensive online evaluation and report for real people wanting to really improve their odds of getting hired. It provides a logical and sequential assessment of the skills necessary to gain and maintain employment regardless of age, education or experience.

The JRA is an interactive online test for each person to take individually. It takes less than an hour to complete, and covers seven crucial areas of employment preparation:

  • Presentation
  • Job Application
  • Interviewing
  • ADA/Legal Issues
  • Motivation
  • Team Skills
  • Essential Job Skills

The JRA can be used as a pre- and post-test for measurable results in training settings, or as a job search preparation roadmap for individuals. The comprehensive 23-page Personalized Training Report gives specific suggestions and printed materials to assist with resume creation, job interview preparation, and ongoing training strategies.

For Business Accounts, the JRA offers additional features:

  • Facilitated or Self-Directed Assessment Testing Options
  • JRA Mock Interview Module with 10-page report
  • Robust Administrative Dashboard Interface for secure data management and reporting