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Product Information

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Online assessment and streaming video package

Job readiness can be defined as the essential understanding of employer expectations, interviewing techniques, and job search strategies needed for winning a job.

JobLingo specializes in assessing and training job readiness to help the unemployed, underemployed, disabled, at-risk, and transitioning veteran populations gain and maintain suitable employment. Offering logical, sequential content that no other job readiness resource comes close to matching, JobLingo pinpoints areas of strength and weakness and moves jobseekers toward the effective business communication skills they need for success.

For the counselor, teacher, or trainer, JobLingo products help to standardize the quality of job readiness training and delivery through common language, terms, process and protocol. Customizable, web-based technology provides an efficient means of meeting client needs. For individuals, JobLingo offers support and training during job search or career transitions without the high cost of private coaching.