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Who We Are

JobLingo, a subsidiary of FullCircle Career Services LLC, is an e-learning site providing job readiness assessment and training for unemployed, underemployed, disabled, disadvantaged, at-risk, and transitioning veteran populations.

What We Do

JobLingo online:

Facilitates individuals to

  • Gain and maintain suitable employment by increasing understanding of employer expectations
  • Advance personal development performance by providing a comprehensive review of Job Impact Factors™ and suggestions for improvement
  • Communicate more effectively personal value in the delivery of product and services

Facilitates companies and organizations to

  • Deliver consistent content yet individualized training to large populations
  • Deliver anytime, anywhere instruction to a diverse population
  • Show quantified and qualified ROI for funding and staffing allocations

What We Provide

JobLingo provides ready-access to job readiness assessments and training modules for learning and skill enhancement. Rely on us for:

  • Research-based assessment
  • Comprehensive report and training guide
  • Individual and group training video and self-study materials

Who We Serve

We serve the people that get people to work for

Agencies & Organizations

  • Federal Job Service Programs
  • State and Federal Job Training Incentive Programs
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Labor One-Stop and Military Exit Stations
  • Disability and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
  • State and Federal Prison Release Programs
  • State/Local Drug Offenders Rehab Programs
  • State Rehab Facilities
  • Temporary Staffing Agencies
  • Permanent Staffing/Placement Agencies
  • Corporate and Social Non-Profit Organizations


  • College Placement Offices
  • Community College Placement Offices
  • Technical, Career and Trade Schools
  • Public Schools, No-Child-Left-Behind Programs

We also serve first time or transitioning Individuals who are self-directed learners looking for advantage over other job candidates

  • Highly independent personalities
  • Introverted communication styles
  • Isolated lifestyles


FullCircle Communications was founded in 1993 to provide organizational consulting, team training, and targeted workshops/seminars to business and organizations in various stages of management and work team transition. Clients included in part Pillsbury, Southland Corporation, Valentine Radford Communications, Hudson Foods, University of Arkansas, Academy for Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy and RxDDS Inc.

In step with federally funded projects with the Social Security Administration “Ticket to Work” program and job placement for the Department of Veterans Affairs, the company reorganized to form FullCircle Career Services LLC in 1996. FullCircle soon embarked on extensive research to address the noticeable gap between career preparedness and job readiness, as related to successful client placements. Anticipating emerging market needs as well as changing employer expectations, comprehensive job market and employment research guided the development efforts of various job readiness evaluations.

FullCircle’s flagship product, the CARMEN Career Mentor Program, launched in 1997 in hard copy (pen and paper) and then as software in 1999; the program immediately exceeded all expectations, capturing the attention of job placement and career development agencies, schools and programs nationally. Faced with continuously changing technologies and the need to reach an even broader and often physically challenged population, FullCircle tapped into the opportunity afforded by the Internet to build and deliver job readiness resources online.

In March 2008, FullCircle Career Services emerged as a web-based program hosted at bringing to job coaches, counselors and advisors a much needed, targeted assessment for the core areas of job readiness. Designed to meet diverse population service needs, JobLingo provides new and updated job readiness assessment and training delivery options for Individuals, Agencies & Organizations and Academia.

Offering a depth and breadth of job readiness content that no other resource comes close to matching, JobLingo is fast changing the way individuals and job coaching professionals prepare for the challenges and demands of successful job development.