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In a time of down markets, layoffs and budget crunches, JobLingo has the informational edge you'll need to get where you want to be. In transition or just graduating? You’ve just found the best resource on the web for insider knowledge of employer expectations. Consider this:

Getting hired is about getting real about the “7-second window” of opportunity:

  • Applications get a 7-second glance
  • Resumes get a 7-second review
  • YOU get the 7-second nod
  • Your voice, you got it-7 seconds to establish credibility!

Individuals can easily gain critical employment search, job application and interviewing skills advantage over others by taking the Job Readiness Assessment and reviewing the personalized, comprehensive report. For the price of a haircut, you’ll have a custom plan for increasing your employability!

Individual Account Features

  • Set up your account in less than 15 minutes
  • Complete the assessment in less than 1 hour
  • Immediate 23-page personalized report and next steps
  • 100+ job winning facts and winning strategies
  • Secure credit card purchasing
  • Your account will remain active for 2 weeks