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Now, for the first time, vocational counselors, employment specialists and career advisors have a trusted, reliable resource for evaluating and training job readiness. Regardless of age, education or experience, job-seeking clients are evaluated for what they know about employer expectations and the job application process.

JobLingo provides online, web-based products that deliver results. Facilitators using the Job Readiness Assessment© (JRA) report:

  • Increased job placement rates
  • Decreased return-for-services rate
  • Clients going to work sooner at a higher wage
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Less job stress and workload

The JRA is effective with diverse populations in various settings because of its strong research foundation. Based on Department of Labor studies of the necessary skills for workplace success (SCANS*), the JRA identifies weak basic skills and performance areas and reinforces personal strengths— regardless of job expertise.

Business Account Features

  • Administrator log in and site management controls
  • Dashboard management of logins and test codes
  • Separate facilitator login
  • Code-driven client login and testing
  • Two testing assessment options (Self-Directed or Facilitated)
  • Multiple data reporting options
  • Volume pricing; secure credit card purchasing
  • BONUS-- Mock Interview Training Module free for a limited time.