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JRA for Academia Banner provides career counselors, teachers and placement specialists with standardized tools for evaluating and training job readiness skills. Perfect for diverse populations, these tools evaluate student knowledge about employer expectations and the job application process regardless of age, education or job experience.

Our Job Readiness Assessment© (JRA) can be used effectively by placement office officials and career service advisors, since it is not restricted to licensed counselors. Peer-to-peer student helpers develop job placement expertise quickly as they facilitate assessment and review groups confidently. The JRA process effectively and efficiently identifies job barriers, while reinforcing areas of personal and professional strength.

Building on extensive government research* of employer expectations, additional modules review

  • Communication skills
  • Personal presentation issues
  • ADA and disclosure knowledge
  • Interviewing aptitude

The modules include a variety of media for effective presentation to groups with a range of learning styles, in classroom or small-group settings.

The JRA’s 23-page comprehensive, performance oriented report maximizes the take-away value of the assessment process and self-directed learning benefits for students.

Academic Account Features

  • Administrator log in and site management controls
  • Dashboard management of logins and test codes
  • Separate facilitator login
  • Code-driven student login and testing
  • Two testing assessment options (Self-Directed or Facilitated)
  • Multiple data reporting options
  • Volume pricing; secure credit card purchasing
  • BONUS-- Mock Interview Training Module free for a limited time